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Either virtually or physically, SOILITE reaches out to you with know how and innovation. No SOILITE Event in the neighboorhood? No worries, you can register for our different Webinars throughout the year. And every year, we host 2 physical Academy 's in several European cities. These are education days in collaboration with local attestation and sector organisations. SOILITE Academy has the ambition to educate professionals in the soil and environmental business to give them a solid professional background when encountering soil pollution projects.


Want to learn from our experts? Throughout the year we organise some very interesting 1 hour sessions to learn more about innovative soil & groundwater remediation. Pick your choice and get free access to expertise.
Webinar: Practical Design Considerations for Activated Persulfate Applications
by Dr Brant Smith, Technical Director, EVONIK Soil & Groundwater Remediation
Registration is open
June 26th, 2024 - 2 pm (CET)
Webinar: learnings about phytoremediation for soil remediation
Phytoremediation, bacterial treatment when time is in favour. - by Mario Clemmens & Dirk Dubin (Bo2Clean)
Registration opens soon
Sept 25th, 2024 - 2pm (CET)
Webinar: learnings about project management in remediation
by Pierre-Yves Klein (Estralab)
Registration opens soon
Sept 26th, 2024 - 2pm (CET)
Webinar: In situ SPIN ® injection technology.
by Jeroen Vandenbruwane (Injectis)
Registration opens soon
Sept 27th 2024 - 2pm (CET)
Webinar: SaaS and data performance in soil remediation
by Luca De Laat (TerraIndex)
Registration opens soon
Sept 30th 2024 - 2pm (CET)
Webinar: Imagine the underground in 3D
by Pieter Buffel (Enissa)
Registration opens soon
Oct 1st 2024 - 2pm (CET)
Webinar: Groundwater sampling, your eyes underwater.
by Marjan Joris (IFlux)
Registration opens soon
Oct 2nd, 2024 - 2pm (CET)


Are you a professional in environmental engineering, dealing with soil and groundwater projects from time to time?
Then this 1 day physical course makes much sense!
Entrance fee: 250 euro - Certificated
Ghent, a full day of learnings.
November 7th, 2024 - Registration opens September 15th
Namur, a full day of learnings.
Q1 - 2025
Barcelona, innovation courses soil engineering
Q1 - 2025
Delft, learnings in the shadow of the university
Q1 - 2025
D├╝sseldorf, a full day of learnings
Q2 - 2025
Lille, a full day of courses
Q2 - 2025


Within this professional area of environmental engineering, collaboration is essential to get the maximum out of the marketing funds that are available, whether in the public or private sector. SOILITE is always ready to collaborate on the domain of events, knowledge transfer or education. Reach out and we' ll discuss how we can make the most of joint efforts.