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Soilite is an innovative platform aiming to inform, educate and support private and public land owners to solve their environmental issues. Driven by innovative European companies offering complementary technology to assist consultants and land owners to revalue their estate by remediating water and land pollution.

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the estimated costs for managing contaminated land in Europe per year.


plots of contaminated land in Europe estimated.


new remediated sites over the last 5 years.


will be the size of the environmental remediation market in 2027.

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Problem owners

Europe is struggling with a heavy industrial legacy that has led to thousands of contaminated soils. Remediating a soil requires specific expertise in legislation, contracting, techniques, chemistry and geology. The owner of a polluted plot of land gets access to a panel of experts in each of these fields at SOILITE.


SOILITE's partners are not only consulted for public projects. Companies or brownfield developers also knock on the door for specialised advice and an efficient remediation strategy. Manufacturing companies, textile producers, the petrochemical sector but also universities can turn to SOILITE for cooperation.


Active as a consultant or environmental advisor and looking for a reliable network of international partners in the field of soil remediation? SOILITE has the right network within this business to move your project forward.

Engineering offices

There is often insufficient expertise on soil remediation within engineering firms. SOILITE unites companies with diverse, innovative techniques in this area and supports engineering firms in this niche of remediation.

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